COVID-19 Update



These remain hugely challenging and uncertain times for all businesses but, across Motaquip locations in Greece, Ireland, Spain and the UK we continue to focus on providing our customers with the best possible levels of service, within the confines of regional government restrictions and COVID-19 prevention. 

Below is a business update by Motaquip location:


COVID-19 has seen a significant drop in demand from both the local Greek market and from the Export customers serviced by our Greece operation. As a result, and with the support of government provision in this region, 65% of staff are now on furlough leave with immediate effect and will not return to the business until May 15th at the earliest. This will obviously limit the scale of our Greece operation, but the level of resource is appropriately aligned to current levels of demand.


Tragically, Spain is one of the countries that has been most severely affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and the lockdown restrictions in this region are understandably strict. However, whilst there has been a drop in demand, our operation based in Madrid remains fully operational within government guidelines and is well equipped to service both its local market and export customers.


Our operations in Ireland only service the local Irish market and, whilst this market has dipped in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it remains open and operational. This status is reflected in our Ireland operation which remains open for business and is actively servicing its loyal customers in-line with the government directives.

United Kingdom

Effective April 1st, the decision was taken to place around 70% of UK-based staff on government-backed furlough leave for a minimum period of three weeks. Our UK operation is responsible for servicing the local UK market and a wide variety of Export customers across Europe and beyond. With the UK and Export territories in varying degrees of lockdown, order levels have inevitably dropped, and the decision has been taken that Motaquip can effectively service this demand with a skeleton staff. 

It’s clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is placing a variety of challenges on the Motaquip business across its various locations, but we remain confident of servicing the needs of our customers and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them through this global crisis. 

Stay safe!
The Motaquip Team