Superior Friction performance is only possible with quality hydraulic components. Motaquip’s latest generation of hydraulics solutions provide heavy duty, ultra-reliable hoses and cylinders able to flourish in real world driving conditions of extreme temperatures and intense vibrations.
Our extensive array of friction components is supported by the unrivalled quality and range of our brake hoses and wheel cylinders, making Motaquip your total braking solution for performance and reliability.


In combining the high levels of durability and malleability of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene M-class) and twin PVA braid internal construction, Motaquip brake hoses deliver strength, flexibility, and long-lasting dependability. EPDM rubber offers exceptional heat, ozone and weather resistance, while heavy duty end fittings are resistant to corrosion.


Motaquip’s robust wheel cylinders are primed for the total transfer of hydraulic energy thanks to premium build materials and cutting-edge engineering processes. Cast from steel or aluminium and protected by premium rubber with an advanced casing sealant, our cylinders stay resistant to heat, dust and kinetic stresses for longer. The resulting braking experience ensures vehicles retain the sharp, focused characteristics of original braking equipment.


All Motaquip brake hoses are manufactured using state of the art manufacturing facilities to exacting tolerances, ensuring products can be easily fitted straight from the box. Rigorous batch testing includes endurance, hardness, and flexibility tests.

Brake drums
Super Kits

Brake drum super kits ensure maximum braking response in all conditions.

  • Noise reduction

  • Pre-assembled for quicker fitment

  • Superior stopping performance

  • High durability

  • Tested to perform

Pre-assembled components not only improve fitting times, but ensure that the essential, and often overlooked adjustment components are renewed every time brake shoes are replaced improving vehicle braking response.

Brake drum super kits provide additional opportunities for the safety conscious to further protect vehicle occupants. At Motaquip we advise all stockists to offer brake drum super kits where possible.

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