Evolution of ECAT

Motaquip is committed to improving catalogue data, as good cataloguing is fundamental to getting it right first time, thereby, maximising sales and minimising returns

The heart of any catalogue system is a central, updatable and structured vehicle index to which parts are associated. In 2005, we created our first vehicle index, which contained 6,275 vehicles – today the figure is 12,180 vehicles covering all mainstream UK makes and models referenced at engine code and body style level with the latest models being added monthly. The ECAT vehicle index links to the MAM Autocat vehicle index to further ensure accuracy and minimise choices. To ensure ECAT always displays the latest information we update the system files seven times a day making right first time parts identification easier for our customers.

Key milestones in the last seven years

2006 - Launch of the first generation of catalogue management system 

2007 - Launch of Ecat www.motaquip-ecat.co.uk

2007 - Monthly catalogue updates to MAM Autocat Plus and Epicor Mastercat 

2009 - ECAT achieves 1,000,000 hits per month

2011 - Launch of the second generation of catalogue management system

2012 - Launch of our Ecat catalogue data based on second generation of catalogue management system

2013 - VRN Look-up feature introduced to aid accurate parts identification. Part status traffic light system introduced

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