Your 5 point plan to a successful 2014

The UK’s economic woes continues to affect new vehicle sales…and the UK car parc continues to age, which means that  franchised Dealers will have to redouble their efforts to retain customers with competitive menu pricing and service plan offers.


1. Customer’s expectations - Garages that listen to their customer’s needs will profit. Word-of-mouth recommendation is powerful, so make sure your customers have plenty of reasons to recommend your business, such as incentivising customers to recommend you with referral fees or discounts. 

2. Training and investment – Accurate diagnosis of problems is vital. As vehicles become more complex, diagnosing problems becomes increasingly difficult so garages need to invest in modern equipment and training. 

3. Market your business – Page 6 features some great advice on how you can market your business. Use regular, timely communication to maintain customer relationships. 

4. Quality parts – Avoid the pitfalls of fitting inferior quality parts in order to offer low prices to your customers. Component failure will only lead to increased cost for your business - and dissatisfied customers. Explain to customers that you only fit top quality Motaquip parts.

5. Keep informed and up-to-date. Government regulation and legislation changes pose a real threat to the way in which garages normally carry out their business. The recent consultation on changes to the MOT frequency is a good case in point – although it is no longer the threat to the aftermarket it once was, the number of independent repairers unaware of the scope of the proposed changes is startling. 

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