Product superiority is part of our DNA

As one of the few aftermarket suppliers established by a major vehicle manufacturer, product superiority is part of our DNA.

For over three decades, Motaquip’s development processes have encompassed advanced design, precision engineering, and rigorous testing to ensure each part fits and performs perfectly. We’ve also developed bespoke designs and composites that are exclusive to our brand. Our standards deliver reliability, fewer returns, better customer service, and higher rates of customer satisfaction for distributors and end users.  

With quality enforcement driving our development processes, whether new product introductions or long-standing range items, each Motaquip part is continuously reviewed to ensure our OE pedigree is experienced with all products across all ranges.

Raw Materials

In order to thrive under the thermal, chemical, and kinetic stresses of real-world motoring, our replacement parts are only constructed with premium raw materials. This is crucial for components across the entire range, but especially for friction materials, neoprene rubber composites, steel and iron alloys, and sensitive electrical equipment. 


For a flawless fit and refined functionality, every detail of Motaquip design has been scrutinised and perfected by some of the aftermarket’s leading engineers and designers. 

Our engineers not only focus on our own individual parts, but also on how they complement and interact with the surrounding equipment and overall vehicle characteristics.


With access to some of Europe’s most advanced facilities in addition to our own, Motaquip operate in long term partnerships with a select handful of elite manufacturers. With quality control instilled from the point of raw material delivery onwards, we enforce some of the most stringent production processes in the aftermarket.


For complete piece of mind, we operate a zero fault tolerance policy in all our test centres. To guarantee dependable quality of all Motaquip parts our product inspection teams within the United Kingdom continuously sample items for finish, dimensional characteristics and performance properties.


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