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Water Pumps


Radiator Caps


With foundry, casting, machining and assembly within a single OE supplying European site, automated and manual quality control processes are maintained throughout the complete water pump production process.

From raw materials to product flow and pressure testing, Motaquip water pumps take the performance and quality levels demanded by OE and offers that to customers as a superior quality, comprehensive and price competitive product range. 


Substandard components can incur significantly reduced flow rates and lead to catastrophic engine damage, as an essential timing drive component Motaquip offer quality products you can trust.

Improper flushing of cooling systems during service can lead  to water pump failure due to contaminant damaging internal seals. 


Control of vehicle temperature has always required the input of a thermostat to regulate the flow of cooling liquid around the engine to protect against damage caused by overheating. With vehicles operating under greater pressures the quality of thermostat within the system has never been so important as within the modern motor vehicle.

With Motaquip thermostats we offer performance that conforms to the requirements of all vehicle types allowing for quick response to engine temperature changes, improved integration to modern engine management systems to deliver improved fuel efficiency and lasting durability.


When an engines temperature rises the coolant expands causing increases of pressure within the cooling system. The excessive pressure is released by the radiator/expansion cap before engine damage can occur. Failure of radiator/expansion caps cause engine temperatures to increase and lead to premature engine failure. 

With modern vehicles operating at pressures of two Bar, it is ever more important to rely on components that perform consistently to exacting parameters. The extensive range of Motaquip radiator caps and expansion caps do just that.