motacell Batteries

Next generation technology

Our MOTACELL vehicle battery range was developed to include the latest generation of Start/Stop vehicles and harnesses an array of developments including Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM), Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB), and Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) cell types.
Thanks to superior build materials and design, the MOTACELL range ensures even the most demanding passenger cars and light commercial vehicles can operate at peak performance for longer.

AMG Motacell

  • Absorbent Glass Mat batteries utilise glass fibres to hold greater charge for use with Start–Stop vehicles.
  • Offers approximately 360,000 starts thanks to superior depth of charge to cycle life ratio. 
  • Higher rate of charge acceptance compared with traditional automotive power cells.
  • Preserves power across a higher range of temperatures compared to other technologies.

EFB Motacell

  • Enhanced Flooded Batteries are an enhanced version of wet-flooded technology. They’re ideal for lighter Start–Stop vehicles.
  • Offers approximately 270,000 starts thanks to greater cyclical durability when in a reduced state of charge. 
  • Advanced lid design reduces water loss by 30 per cent.
  • Anti-sulphation technology boosts reliability following idle spells.

SMF Motacell

  • Reinforced Sealed Maintenance Free lid means greater water retention and reliability 
  • Calcium plate ignition technology provides approximately 40,000 starts
  • State of Charge Indicator (SOCI)
  • Integrated flame arrestor and carrying handle as standard


Test every battery

Around one in three vehicles will need their batteries either charging or replacing, so there’s ample opportunities to enhance customer service and boost battery sales by up to a third. So, if you want your battery sales to surge, get your customers in the habit of testing the battery of every vehicle they service.

Distributors can request our Battery Testing leaflet for their customers to help boost sales and improve customer service.

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