For synchronised performance

To develop our new Engine Management range, we combined the expertise of the best aftermarket engineers with Europe’s world-beating manufacturing facilities. The results are a wide-ranging spectrum of electrical solutions tailor made for an array of applications.

Our range includes

  • Sensory Equipment
  • Ignition Components
  • Switches and Relays

Reverse Engineering

Working with some of Europe’s leading aftermarket electrical engineers results in Motaquip delivering some of the finest Engine Management components on the market and performance is guaranteed in-line with our exacting quality standards.

Motaquip products benefit from modern engineering techniques designed to analyse the OE component in minute detail. Such techniques help to deliver enhance technology and improved performance.

Computer Aided Design

The latest software allows for greater scrutiny and adjustment of all aesthetic and technical details. Computer designers and electrical engineers work in tandem and can quickly test innovations through 3D printing. This set-up leads to greater part integration and faster problem solving.

3D Printing

Designers print 3D models of prototypes on site to ensure their mechanical compatibility can be perfected. This process is far faster and more cost effective than traditional methods of having prototypes custom built by a third party. This means parts can be engineered for a perfect fit while also keeping costs down.

Cutting Edge Manufacturing

Complex circuitry is manufactured on-site with the latest, industry-leading machinery in a purpose-built laboratory. This high-end equipment not only ensures accurate reproduction of complex engineering design, but also helps keep production and transport costs down while ensuring greater reliability.

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