To ensure all electrical components are working at 100% capacity in all conditions, Motaquip Ignition parts have been manufactured with only the very best raw materials. This ensures maximum conductivity, less resistance and maximum protection from heat and chemical related corrosion.
Engineered in world-class manufacturing facilities and built with materials that resist chemical corrosion and kinetic wear, our ignition range has been trusted by professionals for decades.

Ultra-reliable spark plugs

Proven to be one of the longest lasting copper core spark plugs on the market, Motaquip spark plug technology has been proven in demanding conditions across the globe to be one of the most reliable.
  • Nickel-plated rolled threads
  • Angular, five-ribbed insulator design
  • Prevents misfire due to current leakage
  • Tapered, v-profile nickel chromium ground electrode
  • Heavy-duty yttrium-enhanced copper core centre electrode
  • Improved starting in cold weather and increased fuel ignitability

Longer lasting glow plugs

Motaquip glow plugs have been designed from the ground up for industry-leading performance and durability. Premium raw materials and unique design aspects ensure they’re resistant to corrosive elements while upholding super-high conductivity – even in harsh weather conditions.

Patented technology enables Motaquip glow plugs to reach higher temperatures faster while nickel-plated roll threads increase durability and prevent seizure. Dual seals protect vital components from exhaust gasses to promote longer life while all connectors are custom designed to OE specs.

Discover Motaquip's full ignition range

Our comprehensive ignition range encompasses several generations of ignition systems and features distributor caps, ignition coils, ignition leads, rail coils, and rotor arms.

Constructed exclusively of temperature-proof injection moulded plastics and ultra-low resistance conductivity materials, Motaquip’s ignition range has been painstakingly designed for a perfect fit in each application.

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