High flow air filters

Motaquip air filters are specifically engineered to capture the widest array of air pollutants as possible while maximising flow-rates.

Out of all the engine filtration systems, it’s the air filter media that’s exposed to the greatest variation of impurities. From the heavy airborne debris of urban traffic to lighter pollen particulates, any impurities that get though the air filter will inevitably find their way into the combustion chamber where they will likely get burned down into harmful particles.

Once this happens they will pollute engine oil, which in turn will cause significant damage to vital, irreplaceable components such as pistons and cylinder walls. This is why air filtration is so important to a vehicle’s performance and longevity.
Motaquip have taken great care to develop and perfect air filter media technologies that can quickly and effectively purify the tens of thousands of litres of air needed for a typical journey.

Using the optimum concentration of filter fibres, our air filters can capture and hold the micro sized particles that are dangerous to engine components.

Our developers have also painstakingly perfected filter casings for a flawless fit for each application. This means flow systems remain isolated and 100 per cent effective.
Key to Motaquip air filters assisting engines in reaching maximum performance levels are their high rates of filtration. This is due to specialised media design that amplifies air intake capacity through increasing contours to maximise surface intake area.
Maximising air flow-rates to engines through Motaquip filters ensures the mix of fuel and air in combustion chambers is at the optimum level, ensuring today’s efficient engines run at optimum performance.

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