Fluids &

An array of workshop essentials

Encompassing antifreeze, screen wash, and an array of workshop essentials, our fluids and consumables range consists only of high quality, UK manufactured products.

Chemically engineered to be non-abrasive to modern automotive compounds and protect sensitive parts from corrosion, many of our products are designed to offer all year-round protection and increase the lifespan of components. Thanks to our helpful usage guides and specification information, end users can always be sure of using the correct product for each application.

Engine Coolant

Motaquip’s engine coolants not only have advanced cooling agents – they also keep engine cooling systems clean and corrosion free. Formulated with the latest corrosion inhibitors, Motaquip Premium Anti-Freeze and Summer Coolants protect engines from temperature and corrosion all year round.


Our Screen wash protects all year round to de-ice, break down oily grime, and provide instant clarity. It’s effective even at temperatures as low as –8°C to ensure glass is crystal clear and smear-free no matter the conditions. For severe cold snaps we also supply an extra concentrated Extreme Screen wash that offers freeze protection down to –20°C.

Workshop Essentials

The Motaquip workshop consumables range also offers a huge variety of professional sprays, cleansing products and greases. Our range also covers car mats, seat covers, spillage granules, hand cleaner, barrier cream plus lots more.

The Consumables Solution

For UK customers we offer a huge array of handy, everyday workshop accessories covering fasteners, chemicals, tapes, cable ties, and protective gear. It’s all sourced direct from our Midlands-based partner, Quest Consumables.

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