Steering &

Engineered exclusively in Europe, Motaquip’s Steering and Suspension products deliver the responsive and balanced driving experience motorists demand.
Our range restores a vehicles’ original handling characteristics thanks to superior build materials, tension calibrated joints, and our high quality lubrications and dust coverings. Built to perform in the most demanding conditions and in high-torque vehicles, our comprehensive steering and suspension range integrates and performs perfectly with each application’s original equipment.
Premium materials and finely tuned engineering processes are combined with rigorous testing to ensure only the finest parts make up our Steering and Suspension range.

From the moment raw materials are delivered we apply strict controls that continue through production. This means customers drive away with perfectly integrated parts that deliver a responsive, balanced performance – even in demanding vehicles and conditions.

High grade steel

Durable and resistant to corrosion, the quality of our hardened steel base metals is integral to a vehicle's safety, balance and handling characteristics. Motaquip's materials are tested for tensil, yield and compressive strength properties.

Rubber compound boot

A flexible synthetic polymer protects the inner workings of ball joints against dust, liquids and other contaminents. High quality raw materials ensures the compound can withstand high temperatures, kinetic shocks and abrasive substances.

Reinforced Socket

A low-friction inner-socket is designed to absorb and disperse impacts while operating in high temperatures. Precision engineering is paramount to maintaining the oscillation demands of the surrounding original equipment components.


Heat and cold resistant lubrication provides smoother mobility and longer lasting protection. Acting as a resilliant, protective film, Motaquip's lubrication offers isolation for contact surfaces at all times.

Quality at a Glance


Shock Resistance

Hardened alloys and precision engineered joints provide the tensile strength and balance necessary for even and effective shock distribution.


Rubber deteriorates quickly during summer, but the durability of Motaquip’s raw materials means greater resistance and a longer life.


Superior core materials and lubricants mean greater resistance to oxidisation and corrosion from the chemicals found in driving environments.


Component dust covers are among the most vulnerable parts. Ours are made from premium rubber to protect from foreign particles.

The Range

Tie Rod Ends/Rack Ends

  • Constructed from high quality, heat treated materials for longer life

  • Quality combination of strength and durability to provide correct pre-load

  • Premium rubber dust coverings for maximum joint isolation
  • Heavy duty fittings improve stability and make seizure less likely


Suspension Arms

  • Forged, cast, pressed steel and aluminium
  • Design verified under OE testing by static and dynamic assessment.
  • Quality approval includes 100% batch crack testing
  • High performance rubber bushings and plastic socket materials

Ball Joints

  • Advanced corrosion protection
  • Forged from a one-piece block of alloy steel for greater strength
  • Polished ball pins improve resistance to wear and increase lifespan
  • Lifetime lubricated, reducing maintenance costs
  • Superior quality rubber boots for protection from contamination

Stabiliser Links

  • High grade steel, plastic and aluminium
  • High quality ball joint torque settings
  • High quality DuPont™ plastic socket materials
  • All stabiliser link fastenings included
  • Subjected to extreme durability tests


  • Engineered to exacting specifications
  • High quality rubber and synthetic materials utilised for increased robustness
  • Premium Shore hardness specification
  • Premium bonding chemicals for longer life


Top Strut Mounting Kits

  • lengthy rubber-to-steel bonding process
  • Spring seats, bellows and seals included
  • All bearings manufactured to exceed required tolerances.
  • Advanced resistance to vibration



Replacing in pairs

Replacing steering and suspension parts in pairs is recommended for both savings and safety.
While only one side of a vehicle’s suspension may be affected by defects, it’s often the case that a defect has partially damaged the other. Replacing in pairs not only ensures consistent handling and safety, but also prolongs the lifespan of other parts such as tyres, shock absorbers, strut mounts and brakes which rely on balanced suspension components.