Product superiority is part of our DNA.

For over four decades, Motaquip have focussed on advanced design, precision engineering, and rigorous testing to ensure every part fits and performs perfectly. We’ve also developed bespoke designs and composites that are exclusive to our brand.

Quality Products

As a supplier with vehicle manufacturer heritage, product excellence is in our DNA.

For over 40 years Motaquip’s products have been designed, engineered and tested in some of the worlds best manufacturing facilities.

Robust quality control processes underpin all Motaquip parts, maintaining OE matching quality across all products and ranges.

Raw Materials

In order to thrive under the thermal, chemical, and kinetic stresses of real-world motoring, our replacement parts are constructed with premium raw materials. Whether selecting the right blend for our friction compound, or choosing stainless steel for our coated brake discs, the focus is always on material quality.

Flawless Design

For a flawless fit and refined functionality, every detail of Motaquip design has been scrutinised and perfected by some of the aftermarket’s leading product experts.


With to some of Europe’s most advanced facilities in addition to our own, Motaquip operate in long term partnerships with a selection of elite manufacturers. Guaranteeing performance from each production batch.



For complete piece of mind, we operate a zero fault tolerance policy in all our test centres. Our product inspection teams within the UK continuously sample items for finish, dimensional characteristics and performance properties.




Crucial to the success of our network is one of the UK aftermarket’s most flexible and reliable logistics operations. Click here to learn more.


Motaquip’s success is driven by a dedicated team of diverse professionals. Click here to learn more about the people that drive our brand.

Motorsport Heritage

Click here to learn more about Motaquip’s history within British Rallycross.

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