Trust Motaquip for electrifying vehicle performance.

With the latest generation of batteries, bulbs, engine management, and ignition component technology, Motaquip’s electrical range delivers truly exceptional performance.


The complete electrical solution

With impeccably high standards implemented from the drawing board right up to product testing, Motaquip’s electrical equipment represents the pinnacle of reliability in our sector. 

With vehicles increasingly dependent on the accuracy and reliability of electrical equipment, our range gives professionals complete confidence.

Latest generation battery power

Available in the UK only

MOTACELL, our premium battery range, is designed for power-hungry vehicles with start-stop technologies. Engineered and tested in a state-of-the-art European factory. MOTACELL batteries provide high-performance capacity in all weather conditions.


Give your vehicle something Xtra

Available in export markets

Motaquip EnergyX batteries, widely available in continental Europe, offer OEM-level quality and durability at an affordable mid-market price. Tailored for the European aftermarket, EnergyX delivers powerful and vibrant performance, giving your vehicle that Xtra edge!



Carrying the highest quality E1 rating and fitted with stainless steel caps and shatter-proof glass, Motaquip bulbs provide long lasting, high performance replacements that will withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

With additional options such as all-weather, extra bright and blue tinted beams, Motaquip have a solution for every application.

Engine Management

With a wide range of current generation sensory and switch equipment, our engine management range is perfectly calibrated for each application allowing vehicles to run at maximum performance and efficiency levels. 

Sourced in Europe and created with the latest manufacturing technology, Motaquip electrical components typify our quality philosophy.

Ignition Components

Motaquip offer a hard-wearing and comprehensive ignition range covering spark and glow plugs, distributor caps, ignition leads, rotor arms, and ignition coils.

Parts are comprised solely of premium, aluminium, steel, rubber and copper to ensure maximum longevity and performance that harmonise perfectly with original equipment.


Reliable and lasting performance assured through rigorous testing

Diverse product range for various applications

Premium quality without the premium price

OEM standards and compatibility

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