Temperature control you can trust.

Offering high-performance solutions designed to efficiently regulate engine temperatures, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for a wide range of vehicles.


Keep it cool

Motaquip offers a reliable cooling range, featuring precision-engineered water pumps, thermostats and radiator caps.

Crafted for durability and performance, these premium cooling products harness advanced materials and technology, ensuring longevity and reliability in diverse driving conditions.


Water Pumps

Manufactured for quality in a reknowned European facility, each element of Motaquip water pump production is carefully optimised for OE matching performance.

From raw materials to flow and pressure testing, Motaquip water pumps are benchmarked to deliver impeccable engine cooling mile-after-mile.


Regulating engine temperature relies on thermostats, crucial for preventing overheating damage. In modern vehicles with higher pressures, the quality of the thermostat is paramount.

Motaquip thermostats provide adaptable performance for all vehicle types, ensuring swift response to temperature changes, enhanced integration with modern engine management systems, and durability for improved fuel efficiency.

Radiator Caps

Rising engine temperature expands coolant, increasing cooling system pressure. Radiator/expansion cap releases excess pressure to prevent engine damage. Faulty caps raise temperatures, causing premature engine failure.

Modern vehicles operate at two bar pressure, highlighting the need for reliable components. Motaquip radiator and expansion caps meet precise performance standards.

Substandard components can incur significantly reduced flow rates and lead to catastrophic engine damage. As a brand that specialises in essential timing drive components, Motaquip offers proven quality.

Always ensure cooling systems are properly flushed during a service. Failure to do so can lead to contaminants damaging internal seals causing water pump failure. 


Precision engineering, reliable and durable performance

Motaquip cooling maintains optimal engine performance

Wide compatibility, fits seamlessly to all makes and models

Competitively priced for affordable vehicle maintenance

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