Precise control of critical component drive.

Modern automotive engines demand harmonious synergy between components to deliver peak levels of performance and fuel efficiency. With greater demands placed on engine timing mechanisms the quality of components has never been more important.


Timing Belts & Assembly Kits

Manufactured to exacting OE standards for materials and processes, Motaquip timing belts offer superior levels of heat and abrasion resistance, profile retention, and reliability. This guarantees a prolonged operation life, even when enduring the extreme stresses found in modern combustion engines.


Reduced profile variation during operation

Reduced operating noise

Improved resistance to contact wear

Improved component longevity

Improved resistance to heat

Belt Assembly Kits

Contain the following items:

Vehicle Application Solution

Motaquip complete Timing Belt Kits pair quality with the flexibility of single point supply. 

By replacing all components associated with the timing belt drive at the same time the likelihood for returns is significantly reduced. In addition to replacing all worn parts entirely there is a quality and integration benefit in the joint development and manufacture of components comprised in a set.

Drive Belts

Constantly evolving materials and construction techniques are at the core of Motaquip V and PV auxiliary drive belts. With advancement in the number of components operated via a vehicle drive belt, it is vital for modern belts to be resistant to increased stresses caused by temperature extremes and performance demands.


Reduced mass, improving efficiency

Greater levels of friction, reducing slippage

High resistance to heat and flex

Resistant to contaminants

Optimising Drive Belt Quality

1. Never crease/fold belts, damage can be caused to belt structure that will cause premature failure

2. Do not lever belts into position during fitment

3. Do not clean belts with solvents and avoid contamination with oils and grease.

4. Storing in packaging will avoid damage from contaminants and direct sunlight.

5. Belt products have a typical 5-year shelf life. 

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