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Latest generation battery power.

Our MOTACELL vehicle battery range was developed to include the latest generation of Start/Stop vehicles and harnesses an array of developments including Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM), Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB), and Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) cell types.


Thanks to superior build materials and design, the MOTACELL range ensures even the most demanding passenger cars and light commercial vehicles can operate at peak performance for longer.


Three times greater cycle resistance than standard batteries

Zero maintenance owing to recombination technology

Leak-proof due to electrolyte bonding into an absorbent glass mat

Maximum starting performance due to very low internal resistance


Twice the cycle resistance of standard batteries

Zero maintenance owing to modern calcium mesh technology

The use of carbon additives lead to a marked reduction of the charging time

Double lid for maximum protection against leaks and operational safety


Four-chamber leak protection with integrated flame arrestor safeguard available on the most popular references

Maintenance-free due to the use of calcium technology

Reliable cold starting behaviour

Around one in three vehicles will need their batteries either charging or replacing, so there’s ample opportunities to enhance customer service and boost battery sales by up to a third. So, if you want your battery sales to surge, get your customers in the habit of testing the battery of every vehicle they service.

Distributors can request our Battery Testing leaflet for their customers to help boost sales and improve customer service.

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MOTACELL available in the UK only. For export markets see EnergyX range.