Oils & Lubricants


Premium lubricants blended in European refineries.

Motaquip’s lubricants have been engineered to protect the latest generation of engine technologies and help ensure vehicles fulfil their efficiency potentials.


Engine Oil

Gear Oil

Hydraulic Fluid

Transmission Fluid

Brake Fluid

Wide ranging solutions

Motaquip’s lubricant ranges cater for a huge range of passenger and commercial vehicles: from low SAPS engine oils for vehicles with diesel particulate filters, to fully synthetic oil for hybrid engines.

By combining manufacturing excellence and exhaustive testing Motaquip lubricants are refined to precise viscosities and impressive levels of purity. This results in greater engine reliability, superior protection, cleanliness, and longevity.

With manufacturing and blending operations based in the UK, Motaquip worked closely with fellow industry experts to develop our striking range of Hyper Motive lubricants.

Developments include stronger protective coatings for component surfaces and superior viscosity characteristics to improve flow rates. Advanced production processes also maintain optimum performance levels for cleaner and more efficient engines.

Available in the UK only.

Motion X offers comprehensive protection for your engine. From reducing the damaging effects of heat and friction to preventing the build-up of harmful sludge and deposits, our lubricants shield your engine’s vital components.

Motion X oils & lubricants are formulated in European laboratories to improve engine responsiveness, ensuring your vehicle performs at its peak. Our advanced Motion X formulation helps improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and maximize power output.

Available in the Export markets only.


Various viscosity options are accessible in both synthetic and semi-synthetic forms

Crafted with precision according to exact specifications and stringent tolerances in top-tier European refineries

Priced competitively to provide genuine value for money

Volumes range from 1L to 200L

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