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Give your vehicle something Xtra.

Developed for markets across continental Europe, Motaquip EnergyX batteries offer you Xtra reliability, Xtra durability, Xtra value and Xtra choice.


Exclusively manufactured in Europe, EnergyX batteries deliver OEM-level quality and high CCA (Cold Crank Amperage) ratings for immediate performance and reliability in all conditions. Available all maintenance free as standard, from Arctic to the Atacama, you can depend on EnergyX to power you forward.


The economical solution for older vehicles with lower electrical consumption

Silver X denotes a ‘good’ level of performance

Delivers approximately 20,000 starts


Gold X provides a ‘better’ level of performance

Ensures a powerful start for all types of vehicles, including Asian models

Delivers approximately 30,000 starts

Power increased by up to 20% versus silver


The platinum X is the choice for those seeking our ‘best’ level of performance

Suitable for recent and/or luxury car models with high electrical consumption

Equipped with a ‘state of charge’ indicator

Up to 35% increased starting power compared to silver

Delivers approximately 50,000 starts


The X associated with AGM underlines the eXtreme power on offer

Developed for recent and/or luxury vehicles with start/stop or regenerative braking systems

Powers approximately 360,000 starts


Energy X EFB provides reliable performance for recent and/or luxury vehicles with start/stop systems and high electrical consumption

Equipped with a ‘state of charge’ indicator

Powers approximately 270,000 starts


EnergyX Heavy Duty is prescribed for commercial vehicle applications

Supplies power to all running applications that require a normal level of energy

Around one in three vehicles will need their batteries either charging or replacing, so there’s ample opportunities to enhance customer service and boost battery sales by up to a third. So, if you want your battery sales to surge, get your customers in the habit of testing the battery of every vehicle they service.

Distributors can request our Battery Testing leaflet for their customers to help boost sales and improve customer service.

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EnergyX available in Export markets only. For UK see MOTACELL range.