Motaquip’s people embody brand brand loyalty and contribute to its ongoing growth.

Our success hinges on the synergy between our dedicated workforce and loyal customer base, collectively shaping the brand’s identity and fostering ongoing growth.

Our Team

Motaquip’s workforce comprises diverse, skilled professionals united by a passion for automotive excellence. From engineers to product experts, the team collaborates in a culture of innovation, delivering high-quality solutions that underscore Motaquip’s position as a leading aftermarket brand.

Our Distributors

Motaquip’s devoted customers, spanning from enthusiasts to industry professionals, choose the brand for its proven quality and absolute reliability. 

The brands dedication to its customers has nurtured a loyal following and the enduring bond between Motaquip and its customer base is central to our success.



Motaquip is renowned for its exceptional quality, consistently delivering products that meet the highest standards of excellence. Click here to learn more.


Crucial to our distribution network’s success is one of the UK aftermarket’s most flexible, reliable logistics systems. Click here to learn more.

Motorsport Heritage

Click here to learn more about Motaquip’s history with British Rallycross.

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