Control Cables


Our handbrake cables use corrosion-resistant multi-strand metallic threads for flexibility and durability, protected by Motaquip’s surface treatments.

Control Cables

Motaquip’s multi-strand, thermally insulated control cables ensure flawless fitment, long life and smooth gear transitions.

This is down to premium construction materials and construction methods that allow them to withstand extreme temperature variance, abrasive substances, and intense vibrations. Sourced only from OE manufacturing facilities, Motaquip cables ensure safe, long lasting replacement cables and a guaranteed perfect fit.

Quality / R&D

To deliver the stringent levels of performance, quality and reliability, Motaquip control cables are designed, manufactured, tested and approved using the latest systems and processes available.

Gear Control Cables

The extensive range of high performance control cables covering brake and clutch for passenger and light commercial vehicles is now supported by the recent introduction of gear control cables to the control cable ranges.
Allowing for a complete aftermarket stocking solution of this once OEM product, Motaquip gear control cables ensure Motaquip distributors remain ahead of the competition.


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