Cabin & Carbon Filters


The latest generation.

With an increased airflow capacity made up of premium fibre materials, Motaquip cabin filters reduce impurities in vehicles by up to six times compared to vehicles with inactive filters.

Safeguarding Passenger Health and Comfort

Using the latest generation of cabin filtration medias, our filters prevent a wide array of particulates entering the cabin including contaminants from traffic, local industry, and seasonal weather such as pollen.

Painstakingly engineered for a flawless fit for each application, our filters have been designed to ensure complete isolation and efficiency of every vehicle conditioning system.


Cabin filters, sometimes referred to as particle or anti-dust filters, are manufactured from specialised woven, multi-layered media designed to capture dust, pollen, spores, soot, and tyre micro-fragments. Traditional cabin filters are an effective, lower-cost option for cleansing air entering a vehicle but do not offer protection from harmful exhaust gases or unpleasant odours.


Alongside a range of cabin filters Motaquip also offers activated carbon options which offer an added layer of protection. The design of a carbon filter sees the media impregnated with activated carbon molecules that filter out harmful, ultra-fine gas particles such as Benzine or Ozone, plus absorb unpleasant odours which may otherwise enter the vehicle cabin.


Motaquip’s Active Carbon Filtration employs a porous carbon structure akin to graphite. With over 900 m2 of surface area in just one gram, it effectively attracts and absorbs harmful gases. This unique feature grants it exceptional gas pollutant filtering capabilities, virtually eliminating nitrogen compounds, ozone, sulphur, and hydrocarbons throughout the filter’s lifespan.

Safety on the Road

Drivers who spend many hours each week in their cars will be particularly vulnerable to the effects of having insufficient cabin filtration. Now considered, an essential safety feature, our cabin filters can protect passengers from the following atmospheric contaminants. All of which can hinder a drivers response time as breathing and energy levels can be adversely affected.



Toxic Fumes

Dust Mites




It only takes a few moments to inspect how much debris has been collected in a cabin filter. That so many of the impurities collected could have ended up in our lungs is the most appealing argument for regular replacement of this type of filter in your car.


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